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First DeMANS secondment from Australia - UoW researcher visits TCD

06 Sep 2023 12:00

In June, senior University of Wollongong (UoW) researcher David Officer spent a month at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) discussing with DeMANS researchers the material and printing capabilities in the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute and TRICEP, and how visits by DeMANS researchers to UoW will b ...
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DeMANS Expert Seminar Series: On the way to responsible manufacturing with Dr.-Ing. Tina Schlingmann

15 Aug 2023 13:00

The DeMANS team is delighted to announce the start fo the Expert Seminar Series. The overall aim of DeMANS is to explore replacing traditional synthetic plastics with biomaterials in consumer products, simultaneously reducing reliance on fossil fuels and developing new innovations and markets for bi ...
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SCION research visit helps to strengthen national collaborative efforts in Ireland

19 May 2023 15:00

The on-going work of the wider DeMANS project was further enhanced through a recent visit of Dr Hilary Corkran from SCION to the research teams at TCD. Dr Corkran presented work on the Bark Biorefinery Project, led by SCION, as part of the day's activities. Although not formally part of ...
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Successful secondment within the DeMANS collaboration - UKW researcher visits UOW

10 May 2023 13:00

As part of the DeMANS project, Tomasz Jüngst (UKW) did a one-month secondment in Wollongong discovering the excellent infrastructure at UoW, Australian Institute for Innovative Materials and Intelligent Polymer research Institute and getting training on the printers at TRICEP. David ...
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Secondment in Australia – Annaël Sort-Montenegro

18 Jan 2023 12:00

Between September and December 2022, TCD PhD candidate Annaël Sort-Montenegro took part in a DeMANS secondment to the University of Wollongong. Here, she talk abut the experience. During my 3rd year of PhD, I got the great opportunity to undertake a 3-month secondment at the University of Wol ...
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DeMANS at Tauranga STEM Festival 2022

19 Oct 2022 00:00

As part of her secondment to SCION, PhD student Alexa Ennis from the Florea Lab, TCD and AMBER, supported one of the SCION's exhibitions and got to introduce young minds to microscopy, and showed them some of her 3D printed microscopic structures made of responsive materials developed in TCD. T ...
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DeMANS report on novel biopolymers derived from lignocellulosic biomass of potential in additive manufacturing now published

14 Jun 2022 17:59

The first of the scientific reports from the DeMANS consortium has now been published and is available on the European Commission's CORIDS platform. This report on novel biopolymers derived from lignocellulosic biomass of potential in additive manufacturing, as part of the DeMANS Report on perspecti ...
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Visit by SCION researcher to TCD

18 May 2022 09:00

The DeMANS team at TCD were delighted to welcome Marie Joo Le Guen (SCION) to campus when she visited on Tuesday, 17 May 2022. Dr Le Guen was on a trip to Europe and decided to hop across to Dublin. It was the first in-person meeting of any of the DeMANS partners since the beginning of the project a ...
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Highly productive consortium meeting held

26 Nov 2021 14:00

The DeMANS Consortium met for a scheduled meeting on 23 November 2021. Due to the on-going COVID pandemic, this meeting was, once again, a virtual one but was very productive, nonetheless. The Consortium was very pleased to hear that, despite the difficulties with the pandemic, progress is being mad ...
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