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Secondment in Australia – Annaël Sort-Montenegro

18 Jan 2023 12:00

Between September and December 2022, TCD PhD candidate Annaël Sort-Montenegro took part in a DeMANS secondment to the University of Wollongong. Here, she talk abut the experience.

During my 3rd year of PhD, I got the great opportunity to undertake a 3-month secondment at the University of Wollongong (UOW), in New South Wales, Australia. It was a great experience, and I can only recommend PhD students to do it! My project focused on the design and manufacture of sustainable materials for additive manufacturing technologies, which allowed me to expand my knowledge in various 3D orienting technologies and biomaterials. During my time at UOW I was also trained to use the 3D REDI printer developed by the Translational Research Initiative for Cellular Engineering and Printing (TRICEP). I greatly enjoyed working in a new environment, in a different lab and country. It allowed me to see how chemistry is done on the other side of the planet, far away from home and from my routine. Apart from the great science, I also got to familiarise myself with other management styles and work with people from many different backgrounds. Being exposed to different working environment teaches you to be more flexible, open-minded, and maybe implement new practices. It is also a great way to increase your network, either by making new friends, create new collaborations, or both!

From left to right, Prof. David Officer, PhD student Annaël Sort-Montenegro, Dr Stephen Beirne, Prof. Gordon Wallace

In addition to this, I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten the chance to do my secondment in Australia! The fauna and flora are exceptional and peculiar to this continent. I loved getting to know a new country, discover new food and landscapes, and learn more about indigenous culture. It was a great opportunity to explore and travel during weekends and I feel very grateful for my time there.

To see more about Annaël's secondment, check out her video on Youtube!

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