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Highly productive consortium meeting held

26 Nov 2021 14:00

The DeMANS Consortium met for a scheduled meeting on 23 November 2021. Due to the on-going COVID pandemic, this meeting was, once again, a virtual one but was very productive, nonetheless. The Consortium was very pleased to hear that, despite the difficulties with the pandemic, progress is being made on the overall coordination and management fronts.

A key point of discussion was the need to update the overall secondment plan, in light of on-going travel restrictions around the world. Overall, DeMANS is to support a total of 47 secondments, totalling 75 person-months. With partners across Europe and in New Zealand and Australia, restrictions on movement pose a significant challenge. However, the Consortium has agreed to progress the Action on two key fronts:

Firstly, the Network and Training Committee (NTC) will work with all of the partners on determining which secondments can go ahead and which ones need to be modified or deferred. Close linkages with the WP leaders and participants will be key here: this will ensure that the scientific goals of the Action are achieved while guaranteeing the best possible training and learning experience for the secondment participants.

Secondly, the Consortium is looking at which activities can continue in the background, without the secondments taking place. Largely, these activities will be in the preparation for secondments. By laying the groundwork now, it will be possible to roll out an effective secondment scheme when we are able to travel. Once again, this will involve close collaboration between the relevant partners and the secondee and their colleagues, both at their home institution and the hosting organisation.

Larisa Floria, based at the AMBER Centre at Trinity College Dublin, will chair the NTC and there are representatives from other academic, research and industrial partners.

A key task for the NTC will be to monitor changes to COVID restrictions across Europe, New Zealand and Australia and work with consortium partners to make sure that the secondments can be carried out safely and effectively.

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