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DeMANS Expert Seminar Series: On the way to responsible manufacturing with Dr.-Ing. Tina Schlingmann

15 Aug 2023 13:00

The DeMANS team is delighted to announce the start fo the Expert Seminar Series. The overall aim of DeMANS is to explore replacing traditional synthetic plastics with biomaterials in consumer products, simultaneously reducing reliance on fossil fuels and developing new innovations and markets for bio-based products, contributing to the circular economy objectives of the European Green Deal. The DeMANS Expert Seminar Series seeks to present cutting edge research in additive manufacturing, in all its forms.

On Monday, 04 September 2023, we will be delighted to have Dr.-Ing. Tina Schlingmann of EOS join us virturally to give a talk entitled "On the way to responsible manuacturing: Establishing a purposeful way of making business"

Attendance at this event is free: to join us, please register!

The challenges facing the climate and the need for greater sustainability are undeniable. Environmental and social concerns can no longer be viewed as mere platitudes and ignored by companies if they are to survive and thrive in today's world. Today, there is an equal expectation and demand for action in key areas.

For EOS, this means putting its long-standing and groundbreaking technological expertise at the service of responsible manufacturing. 3D-printed products inherently add value when it comes to responsible manufacturing: lightweight designs help reduce carbon emissions, and functional integration and product designs solve complex manufacturing challenges while minimizing waste.

Tina will address this in her talk.

Dr.-Ing. Tina Schlingmann has been Regional Director EMEA at EOS GmbH since May 2021, responsible for the DACH and Netherlands regions. As a materials scientist with a PhD and experienced strategist in the field of additive manufacturing, she aims to drive the further development of the AM market in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands in her role. With her very application-oriented focus, Tina is keen to think in end-to-end solutions and accelerate the growth of the AM market by bringing together AM-designed materials with the right applications.

Since May 2018, Tina has been responsible for materials at Deutsche Bahn as part of the group 3D printing project and has led global employee competitions through which DB identifies new use cases in the group.

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